Thoughts on my first logo

. lockhart-logo-idea

Any thoughts or ideas on this logo or ideas for for a different one. This is my first logo so be kind! :-)

Links to other logos that might be good for insperation might be good.

1 Apr 2005 — 1:32pm
Logos / Corporate ID Design

Brent you fall into the same problem a lot of designers have, there is no reason everything has to be justified to look good. interactive/dvds doesn't need to be letterspaced, it actually looks like a mistake because the i is hanging (visually) to the left (justifing with the L serif) and the s is hanging to the right (justifing with the crossbar of the T). The graphic doesn't read, it could be a pizza. If you feel you really need a graphic make a drawing that the average consumer could recognize. This is not a logo for designers. Now the word LOCKHART needs a lot of work on the letterspacing. Establish the spacing on the biggest problem the LO, its currently floating, then work on the color of the spacing on the other letters. Good start, look forward to revisions. One last thought loose the color when working on a logo. Make it work in black and white and then look at colors.

My up the Yellow pages, go to CD-ROM duplication. Look at all the logos. Consider those all examples of what *not* to do. ;o)

I think you maybe should loose, or at least rethink, the stretched 'CD', or ' DVD', icon / symbol..
It may look 'cheesy', but what about playing a bit more with the 'O' in 'LOCKHART' to get a subtle 'DVD' connection'..

Ok, here is the next one I came up with after comments and what not.

Logo 3

(1) Keep interactive and dvds on one line. (2) Smooth out the curves in the swirl.

Make sure you separate interactive from dvds. Use a bullet or a slash or it will read (interactive dvds).

If you want to avoid 'Interactive | DVDs' being read as 'Interactive DVDs', why not just transpose them?

The latest logo is much better, but the curves feel a little awkward, or maybe just too wavy and not crisp, clean, and geometric enough. The silhouette of the disc feels more like propellers now. Perhaps the connection from the 'O' to the curves should be a straight rule (thinner than the type strokes)?

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