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Looking for any help with this font

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26 Mar 2013 — 9:05am
Type ID Board [OLD]

Crossing Creative looks like Gotham. I'll have to dig around for the other.

Does anyone know the two typefaces (or close facsilimies of) used for "Liberty" and "American Revolution" on the website:

Many thanks in advance!

Josev, thanks you are right it is Gotham.
Elizabeth you need to create your own Font ID, read the FAQs for how to do this.

This is not Gotham. It's Nexa and for both samples.

So sorry - I am new to the site - but what an amazing resource!
have scoured the FAQ page - cannot find the "how to create a font ID" instructions...any clues on how to proceed appreciated...

ahh, I guess you're right. Nexa is so close to Gotham (at least in the first sample) it must have been inspired by it

first click on the upper right corner on "Type ID Board"
and then click on "Post New Forum Topic",
see the image bellow:

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