Font used in "Efdemin — Chicago Remixes (2)"

Hi everyone,

Can anybody help me to find this font ?
It's used in the "Efdemin — Chicago Remixes (2)" EP on Dial Records. Artwork by ITF Grafikdesign

Merci in advance !

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15 May 2013 — 9:58am
chicago dial records efdemin itf grafikdesign remixes Type ID Board [OLD]

Someone has a clue?

Can't find a match, this /M is throwing me out... The more I look at it the more I think /M (2 N?) is custom and may be /G (from /O) too... May be directly asking ITF Grafikdesign would worth a shot (and if they answer, drop the answer here).
Some alternatives for the time being: Sofia, Planeta, Brown, Neuzeit Grotesk

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