Abandon all hope again!

I changed the 'g' to two storey (left the original one as a contextual alternate), and then fiddled with it a bit, and now it looks like this. What do you think? (Sorry, I had to make new discussion to attach the pdf.)

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Tomi from Suomi
25 Jul 2013 — 5:38am
Sans Serif

Hi Tomi,

not much to say about it. I think it looks great. I just think that the German Eszett has got an "old school" look. I would cut off the bar. And make the upper bowl a little bit wider and the lower bowl a little bit narrower.

Best regards,

I don't know ---- about typography. In that context, I offer the following.

  1. The g is more squiggly than the other characters and that is not required to tell it from the other letters.

  2. The top story and bottom story look like they were drawn by different methods.

  3. If someone cares about 1 and 2, then they can use the other g.

Question: what problem is the double-story g solving?

Color seems good. I don't think the quotation marks play very nicely with the letters (maybe just too close).

But yeah, that /g/ ear...

I very much like the bold version and would use it in my projects. The uppercase G and B bolds are quite shy: the upper part doesn't reach out very much. I wonder what it would look like to type uppercase words beginning with G or B, like GUNNING or BOLD.

Nice. Robust.

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