HEY What is this?

This is STEREOTYPE yo!
Hello, I am in my first typography class and our instructor has given us the wonderful task of developing our own typeface. its pretty fun I must say.
Anyways here is the begining of my typeface "STEREOTYPE"

28 Feb 2003 — 11:14am

I lend a hand...


It's an interesting face. The characters that bother me; i, k, r & the 1st y

I like the black e and the green f.

Good start!

Hey wow, thanks alot Kyle! You rule.
Now that you can actually see the face, I should probably explain my idea.

I looked to some of Herbert Beyers early faces in addition to many other modular, grid fonts and geometric sans faces for inspiration. I wanted to mesh the formulaic and reconstructing attributes of modular design with a touch of humanistic qualities to give a bit of spontaneity to the forms. Thus, a kind of subtle man vs. machine characteristic.
I limited myself to vertical and horizontal segments & one radius for the construction.

Bye the way, Thanks for the advice so far, and thanks a ton Kyle.....what did you do?

The green characters I feel need some help, and the Pink characters I feel are very bothersome. I am working on making alternate characters to be included in the face to play along with the title of the face-Stereotype-. The characters are simular in thier construction, but by using shift or option you could get alternates to kind of destroy the stereotype of preconcieved ideas of what the next typed character will look like.

Here is the beginnings of the numerals, and some punctuation, etc. I am not sure about which @ I like better, and again characters in green are possible alternates/replacements.
Your suggestions are greatly appretiated.
My grade depends on it! Thanks!

the crossbar of the seven works well. as well as the original 2. did you reference bayer's universal in your research?

here is a display poster I've been working on.
Ive made a lot of changes on the actual letters and ditched some that were not working. I also finished alternate characters.
Your comments have been helpful. Also, any comments/criticism on the poster is also welcome.
thanks alot! display poster

I think it has some nice aspects to it, but I have to translate it in my head before I know what it says. I simply can't read those Ts. It looks like "SLEREOLYPE" to me. Actually, the O bothers me a lot. Nothing wrong with a plain old circle, or even just a circle that doesn't close at the top. Rotate the zero 45 degrees so you have a diagonal bar, and you've got a nice joke on dot-matrix zeroes.

The "ED" ligature is very, very interesting. Something very Shakespeare-gone-modern about that.

Cheshire, your absolutely right about the T's, they have been a problem -for some reason I have not changed them, I think I got used to them and just needed someone like you to wake me up to how problematic they actually are. Thanks.

i disagree with chesh, i really enjoy what's going on with the t. its all subtle and ramp-like and the shape is repeated throughout the type. nice work, will.

I think the 'i' is the best character!

The 't' is a bit of a stretch. Why are you afraid to do a crossbar?

Excellent idea on the 'Q'.

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