A logo display face I did for a cafe a few years ago. At the time I really wanted to build the rest of the letterforms but never got around to it.

8 Feb 2002 — 11:23pm

About the typeface: Chaihouse

Chaihouse is a nice victorian-style design.

Do you know when it will be available at

Yours truly,

Hi Robert. the font will not be release commercially. it was for a single project.

I'm surprised that no one has responded to this yet. I think these are really quite elegant forms.

I'm not sure if the little spiky cross strokes are really needed, so you might examine those if you decide to complete the font. At very least you might consider toning them down just a bit.

The overhang of the lc "a" might be a bit overprominent, too (or perhaps the bowl of the character is underprominent, considering the overall character width).

I can see how some of the other glyphs might be especially fun to work out, based on the ground rules established by these characters.


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