Yachting brand logo (part II)

This is one of the logo "sketches" for the yacht project management company (see my previous post).

The client requested one direction to be particularly clean, modern, no gimmicks. Much like http://www.vertu.com/, https://www.flyvictor.com/ or http://www.bang-olufsen.com.

Attached, two superposed versions. How does Frutiger hold up? Knul in small caps looks a bit too playful to me, however it really works here https://www.blackjet.com/

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Jean Louis
14 Aug 2014 — 11:37am
Logos / Corporate ID Design

JL, is it possible to drop "yachts" and just work with "Mera"? Notice that Victor isn't "Victor Jets", Vertu isn't "Vertu Phones", Bang & Olufsen isn't "Bang & Olufsen Audio".

You're right, Captain. I've considered dropping "yachts" (still do), then moved in another direction as I felt I was lacking "substance" just with the letters M-E-R-A. But then, it would be more memorable to integrate the idea of "more" or "beyond" into the logo, instead.

Simplifying to one word, I believe the version using slab serif "Vitesse" would work well. Simple, solid, confident. Like Hermes, http://www.hermes.com/. Only disadvantage is one competitor using it already (not for their logo, though, but for headlines on their website). FF DIN could work as well, but less unique.

Exploring a "handwritten" version was suggested by the client, inspired by the Bmw GranLusso logo. But I'll advise them not to proceed in this direction. It's out of context.

What do you think?

Dropping "yachts" seems like a good idea. The photography & marketing will communicate what the product is.

Not sure about "If you can build yachts, why sit on the beach?" I'd assume that people buying a yacht are already into boating.

Personally I don't think I would choose a slab serif font; somehowdoesn't feel luxurious enough. The scriptish font (Mera Yachts) looks like it belongs on an outboard motor or a fishing reel. I don't think all lower caps is best for conveying luxury.

I like the one in the bottom right corner best, but with only four letters you could also do a custom design. You're not limited to pre-designed fonts. If I were doing this, I would explore the resemblance of the M to a trident. (I would expect "Mera" will make most people think of "mer" sooner than "mehr".) Or I would remove the crossbar from the A and make the M look like two A's stuck together.

Agree with JamesM. "If you can build yachts, why buy one from us?"

Thank you for your opinion, gentlemen. Brandon or Futura, bottom right, will be one of the versions. The trident is a nice idea, but I'd rather keep the concept more minimal. The crossbarless A is an option, though. I dropped the idea of using the slab serif (Vitesse) also because of a competitor using it extensively. It's uncommon for a premium brand, so you notice it even better. As for that sentence, I guess you're both right!

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