hello please... what is the name of 3 fonts

Please help me with this fonts friends. thank you


Kingthings Wrote, Jellyka - le Grand Saut and Wiccan Sans

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31 Aug 2014 — 6:24pm

Are there 4?

  1. "No juzques": KingThings-Kevin King/Kingthings Wrote

  1. CuttyFruty-Jellyka Nerevan/Jellyka - le Grand Saut

Sorry... jeje are three... and... what is the font name of third image (screenshoot). Please

Couldn't find one like it. Sorry. Maybe someone else will know.

The third one is Wiccan Sans by Comicraft Design (probably a bit manually condensed)
Try both lower and capital letters e.g.: "La trampa no es lo que..." to find the best natch
(lower & capital letters on this font, actually produce variations of capitals)

Fivos -- even when I looked directly at that font I didn't match to sample ... Good Eye! Dick

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