JFK Monogram Fine Tuning

This is a monogram I have been working on for a school. My problem is with the width relationships between the stem, the leg and the arm of the K. I think I'm almost close to nailing it but it's such a difficult letter.

I also tried to compensate for the brightness of the F making it slightly narrower on the stem than the J and the K.

Thanks for your time.

20 Oct 2014 — 2:54pm
Logos / Corporate ID Design

Ah, the figure-ground illusion, I remember doing something similar in design school with my initials a long time ago. It's a good technique.

It's working pretty well but the top of the F looks a little clunky to me. I like the minimalism but have you tried keeping more of the K?

I think you could try to either lower the right curve of |J| or gently reprise that curve on the F/K edge.

My first thought was to make the J taller so you can see the F more clearly. Same as what riccard0 is suggesting.

Thanks, I'll try pushing the length of the J although I can't show more of the stem of the K because the previous version of the monogram shows a cropped K stem and looks pretty bad.

It's working great! I read "J K" at first but an instant later read the "F".

I would make the stem/gap of the "F" slightly narrower. Have you tried making the terminal of the "J" more harmonious with the angles in the "K"? That might backfire though...


I have to make some prints of the monogram at different sizes to decide the optima width of the stem-gap of the F, I'm not quite convinced of it yet!

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