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Hello! My name is Emy Dalsted and I am a senior at The Art Institute of Phoenix. I am pursuing a degree in graphic design with a minor in typography. I have recently just completed the design of my second typeface. And would like to know what you think abut it, What I can improve on and what you like about it.

Modern Glyph
Designed By: Emy Dalsted

The classification of this font is a modern san serif that is based on a modular square grid with circular rules. There is nothing complicated to this font it is created to be simple and legible at any size.

The primary purpose of this font is to be used as body copy, although it can be scaled to any size and still look great. This font will be good for solving issues where there is hard to read body copy or redundant font choices. Put Modern Glyph in place of any font choice and it will give your project a sharp, clean and sophisticated look.

A fun attribute of this font is that there are optional letter forms with knockouts and fun glyphs that give the font some room to play with, when it is used as a headline type. This will spice a piece up, if that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

25 Nov 2014 — 4:03pm
glyph light Modern San serif Sans Serif typogrpahy

I think the alternates make this worthwhile. But forget the idea of using this for body copy and focus on making it a good display face (for example by adding a darker weight).


Awesome advice! Great idea on giving this typeface a thicker weight. Or maybe even numerous different weights so the designer has the choice for their display copy. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.
- Emy

I suspect the /S would look a lot better if its spine were diagonal rather than horizontal in the middle.

There's a lot of variation between letter widths — /C strikes me as particularly wide, /N particularly narrow, for example. Could be intentional, though, for all I know.

That is great feedback, thank you! I also received that feedback from some fellow students. I did do it intentionally, but I am seeing that most people are not finding it pleasing to the eye. So there are a few letters that I can manipulate a bit.

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