Display typeface – London, Stoke Newington, 1981


Would you know which typeface this is?

Thank you!

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7 Jan 2015 — 1:48am

I presume that your reference to 1981 refers to the date of the photograph. The building is obviously much older, perhaps pre-WWI.
As for the sign I note the difference in the two _E_ letters.
Seems that part of the letter has broken off.
Not a new sign. But I wonder when it was installed.
Until recent decades large sign letters were designed by various makers who did not necessarily base them on a specific font.
But I trust someone will suggest some sources for matching individual letters.
The low waist _R_ with a straight leg from where the bowl meets the vertical stroke, and the top heavy _S_ are a fair match to Erbar Grotesk Extra Garnitur introduced by Ludwig & Mayer Frankfurt in 1927.

This version of Erbar is not digitized.

As for the _E_, which I cleaned up to look like this

I did not find a match with a font.
Perhaps someone else can help?

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