Logo for a Los Angeles Lakers fan site

Please tell me what you think. (Note: I'm not worried about how the text in the grey area looks right now)

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18 May 2005 — 11:47am
Logos / Corporate ID Design

The spacing and alignment looks great. The effect on the type is intersting - how'd you go about it? The only thing that's really bugging me is that ".net" is on a different baseline then the other words.

I think a Lakers fan would be happy with it!

Thanks for the kind words chadbrewer. The characters were hand drawn in Illustrator and then the effects were applied in Photoshop.

(Illustrator CS2 is a real time saver now that you can set strokes to the inside or outside of a fill.)

Here's what the logo might look like in its natural surroundings...

I'm also think I'm going to go with a shorter "t"...

Looks good to me too, the shorter t version pulls it together, my only real concerns are the G the upright (bottom right) looks a bit thick compared with the rest of the logo and the L and G could do with a touch more space to their right.

I'd get rid of the FORUMS in the upper right. I keep reading it as LAKERS GROUND FORUMS .NET

The client loves it. This is the final design for now...


Glad to see you darkened the menu type. That would've been only comment.

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