(x) Stencil fonts - various {gang}

Hi friends im looking for Very good samples of Stencils Fonts, if somebody can tell me the names of fonts.Actually im doing a screenprinting job.

Thank you

Miguel Hernando

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Are you looking for a typeface to use? Are you hinting around at something which is free or at least an unrestricted EULA?

Im looking for a typeface to use, Anithing free or not

typeco has some that are quite industrial and techno

house industries has, in their general collection, housebroken. house also has a stencil font in their sampler.


Bunker, by fellow Typophile Eduardo Omine..
Jigsaw( Stencil ), by Johanna Balušíková / Typotheque..
Konstrukt, by R D Granados / Stereo Type Haus..
Looper, by Mário Feliciano..

stencilFONTS( Collection, 40 Fonts, on CD ), from Apply..

Nice, Legal, Free, Alternates.:United Stencil, from House Industries, and,DIN SchablonierSchrift, by Marian Steinbach..

Check out Le Corbusier, Container, Chernobyl and Watertower from Lineto:


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