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I'm looking for a typeface similar to Corrosion by House Industries, included in the Flyer Fonts collection. I would definately consider purchasing this font if you didn't have to buy the entire collection for $125. The other fonts are pretty rad as well, but I don't have any use for them at the moment. This is for a personal project (website) and $125 is over my budget.

So pretty much I'm looking for an outlined face that is irregular and maybe even rough... scratchy or carved looking, but not too scribbly or childish looking. Maybe something you might see at Urban Outfitters, but without fake perspective/3-d effect. Commercial or freeware are both fine.


11 Jul 2005 — 7:13pm
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PizzaDude's Just A Dream should do the trick.


Thanks! I checked out DaFont earlier but for some reason I missed the Trash category completely. I found some interesting fonts that I will have to try out in my layouts. Do you happen to know of any commercial fonts that are similar? I'm going to check out T.26, Veer, and FontFont for starters.


Thanks, I'm checking out that font too... It looks pretty promising. I just wish freeware fonts were of higher quality. :)

Someone mentioned in another thread that it actually IS possible to buy single fonts out of collected sets, as well, at House Industries.. ( I am still trying to find the thread, I am refering to.. Hold on.. Edit-A-Bit.: Found it, here, but its a 'mere' 100 for a single font, so I dont think this helps at all.. Sorry.. )


Thanks! I think I remember that thread... but I think it was one of the more expensive sets and they wanted $100 for the font, but I could be wrong.

For those interested here's some fonts I dug up at T.26: 99 Cents, Mitten, Rant, Shoe Repairs, and Slappy. But they're not quite what I'm looking for; I'm trying to stay away from the 3-d effect or shadow. The search continues...

'Brutality', 'Fat Outline' + 'Unfinished Sympahthy', by Jakob Fischer / PizzaDude, as well..
' Bully Boys', by Julia Beynon..
' Cheapskate', by Harold Lohner..
' Chrysalis', from UnAuthorized..
'Comic Zine', by Jess Latham / Blue Vinyl..
' Kartoone', from deFaced..
'One Lousy Bottom', from SporkThug..
'Scrawllege', by Andy Krahling..
' Toast', from DivideByZero..

' Bokka', by John Critchley + Darren Raven / FontFont..
' Bull', by John Critchley / FontFont..


Thanks a lot for all the links! I especially like Cheapskate, Comic Zine, and Bokka. I can't wait to try out all these fonts. The only similar font I found at Veer is Emphasis... but it's too clean looking in a way. I will still check out FontFont before going to bed.

Here's a few fonts from FontFont: FF Bull Outline, FF Letterine Black, and FF Prater Block One Regular. They're not as nice as Blooko, though, even the shadowed version of Blokko is pretty cute.

From the MyFonts front page: Maim Gutted!

And a few more: BlockDog, Blockhead Alphabet, and Woodcutter. Most fonts of this type seems to have some kind of 3d or shadow effect, I might have to give in. I'll be doing lots of testing and previewing tomorrow. :)

Here are some from GarageFonts: Big Fella / Burnout / Netbase


Thanks for those links! Now I've got plenty of fonts to play around with. I might even e-mail House and ask them if they would sell a single font.

Thanks guys!


Thanks for digging up the thread; I tried looking for it but I couldn't find it... but I did remember it being $100. I e-mailed House with my question, we'll see if I get the same answer.

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