Illustrator Overprint/Export Question

Hi -- Just setting up overprinting options in Illustrator CS2 and viewing them with Overprint Preview. Is there a way to export these so I can post them to Typophile and still retain the overprint effects?


23 Aug 2005 — 6:20pm

What you need to do is make a copy, then 'flatten transparency'. When you do, uncheck the 'preserve overprint' option. This will give you a CMYK conversion of what Illustrator thinks the overprint will look like.

One word of caution: If you are actually going to be overprinting solid inks, you might not want to take the 'illustrator' preview of that to seriously. Its very hard to simulate something the mixing of the inks. Although, it can serve many other purposes.

In Illustrator CS on PC the "Save for Web" command seems to observe the overprint attributes set, regardless of the Preview setting.

At least in a CMYK document.

I hope that makes sense.



Thanks. There will be a tad bit of overprinting happening, but I'm going to discuss this in depth with the printer. He's a two-color specialist and I trust his opinion.

When I flatten transparecy however, the colors go haywire. In overprint preview they are much closer to the pantone chips. I wanted to be able to replicate that for on screen viewing by Typophiles and client.

I ended up doing it the hard way: taking a screen capture as PNG and then cropping the canvas in Photoshop. Yuck. Anyway, the result is in this thread where I'm currently soliciting feedback:


Same was true for Web Export. While the overprints/transparencies were there, the colors just looked WAY off.

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