Chile Sans - Letras Latinas 2006


This is Chile sans, a typeface for identity and reading. This "new" font its different form my past chile sans font with inverted contrast(who will be in stand by). Well, the concept behind the face is to make a font to be used by chilean graphic designers.
I will post advances for my new Chile sans font from today to the letras latinas 2006 exposition. The font include:
Regular, Bold, Italic, headline and Icons.
This is the current version of Chile, in headline. Your comments are welcome as always :)


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Miguel Hernandez
2 Sep 2005 — 6:44pm
Sans Serif

Did you change the space between the uc 'C' and lc 'h' in your (white on red) user picture? It looks slightly different to the 'Chile' in the (white on black) sample you provided. The C|h and the l|e do need a little less whitespace, I would say (also compared to l|a at the beginning). The S|a|n looks a bit odd (does the curved stem of 'a' need more whitespace to the right?)
Overall, it looks very nice, I like the rounded caps and the low height of the uppercase letters.
– is 'Chile Sans' the proposed name of the font? I doubt that there are intrinsic values of nationality to a typeface, but this is your decision, of course.

Miguel I couldn't see your first image. A la verga con el inglés, Miguel la neta admiro mucho tu trabajo y a esta fuente se le ve un aire sofisticado pero la verdad no me gusta mucho, sera cosa personal, ¿no podrías mostrar el peso normal?

A ver si este año me quito la flojera y el miedo y mando algo a letras latinas.




Thank you for your critique on the space between gliphs. I try to upload a pdf but it seem that typophile was a bug when i did. I will upload it tomorrow. About the name of the font, i will keep it. What is the difference using a name of a person, city, country or planet? My intention is to bring Chile to Chilean designers. About the design, it is inspired on early sans serifs, vernacular fonts ( old site) and of course, teh amzing work of Teff and Underware.
Now in spanish: Este trabajo ser{a mi primer intento serio de una tipografia para textos impresos que mostraré en Letraslatinas 2006, lo que me tiene muy motivado, pronto les linkeare a un blog para recibir mas comentarios de diseñadores.
This month is the independence of Chile, on september 18, what an amazing time to show the proyect too :)



I just edit the first post attachment. Look at the blue pdf please.


It isn´t working yet, upload the file on another url.


Hola Miguel,

La tipografía se ve genial. Me asombra sobre todo las formas novedosas a pesar de que ya hay tantas cosas hechas. Felicitaciones. Le veo mucho futuro como tipografía de texto. Me gustaría ver más.


César Puertas
diseñador gráfico

Hola Cesar!
At last it seems that the file named Drupal(typophile bug?)works guys, its a blue pdf showing some gliphs. I am already working on this gliphs to show you more on this days. The idea its to build a sans for magazines.
Gracia por tus comentarios César, me motivan a apresurarme en terminar pronto!


Really interesting typeface. Overall I like the personality of this type face.
I'd suggest few things :
a: seems unbalanced. Probably the top is too long to the right or the bowl is too short.
g: the connection between the two storeys is too in the middle. His ear would be better if it had an other terminal, something like «a» or «s» terminal?
r: I would rework the top terminal. May be like the terminal of the «t».
B,R: the top bowl is too big compare to the bottom one.
H,E,F : the middle bar is also too low.

I don't know, I think your previous effort was excellent, and it is still better than this new one. The 2004 typeface is not only innovative, it is funky and well crafted; the new one is just cutesy, too soft.
Anyway, the proportions remind me of FF Quadraat Headliner.


Creo que se ve muy bien, tiene detalles muy sabrosones...
Me gusta, y funcionaría muy bien.

Creo que con tipografías así de bien diseñadas, deberíamos irnos despidiendo de tipos mas bien irregulares como gill sans. O sea, tipos como estos responden a un caracter mucho más moderno y no respetan tanto las proporciones historicas, sino que buscan la logica.

Yo respeto mucho los tipos antiguos como gill sans, futura, las garamond, etc, pero en verdad... han sido superados.

NO quiero ser sacrílego, pero tu tipo lo encuentro muy superior a los que están en uso actualmente, vigentes y "superestarificados" en muchos catálogos.

Animo que me gustaría verlo luego trerminado y en uso

Hi Miguel,

I really like the overall look of this face so far!
Can´t wait to see more of it...


Btw, what happened to you other beauty Quetzal?

I agree with Miguel,

what happened to you other beauty Quetzal?

Hey, Gracias for your comments guys!
There are a lot of motivation behind Chile sans, i will use a blog too for updates and discuss about thsi font, and other chilean and latinamerican identity fonts who i am working on..

BTW, There are 2 new attachs in teh first post, updated: the regular version and somo fixations..

Sim: there are some middle bar lower proportions who are axagerated, but is for a clear reason: friendlyness appearence. I want to fix it a little if got problems with legibility, but the idea is to mantain the proportions from humanistic a and e counterforms equal for the mixed open and close counterforms from A, R, etc.

Eduardo: The previous effort will be a different font, with a new name. Now Chile sans its too soft because of the friendly appearence that i want to add on it, specially to make a great difference with other sans fonts like Meta, who are more serious, i will keep the idea to use sans for signage for example, but with latin cute tasty favour, just like vernacular Chilean signage.



Updated Version for letras latinas.


It looks very handsome, and it's warm.

Stephan wrote: "is ‘Chile Sans’ the proposed name of the font? I doubt that there are intrinsic values of nationality to a typeface, but this is your decision, of course."

And what would you say on how we got the "style name" Italic? Ok, in Spanish it's "letra grifa": in homage to Francesco Griffo, cut for Aldo Manuzio, Venezia, Italia. Don't know if Chile could be represented, but surely I would not identify Miguel's work with Africa or Germany.

The Question and Exclamation Marks look somewhat close to the ones in Alejandro LoCelso's Australis (which is definitely good!). Do they come from vernacular forms?

Claudio, I don't know if you heard, but: "folk" is the new "vernacular".


Claudio, Australis is a Francisco Galvez from Chile design. What a nice font...

Ooops! And to think I corresponded briefly with both (Alejandro and Francisco). How embarassing! I'm getting older… ;(
By the way, has Australis been released?

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