Michael Browers Releases Formasi and Isoglyphics

DULUTH, MN - Michael Browers, a Duluth based designer, announced today that he has entered into an agreement with MyFonts.com, a font distributor based in Cambridge, MA, for the distribution of his typefaces online. Michael’s first two font releases are Formasi and Isoglyphics.

Formasi, Azeri for "Form of," resulted from the concept of a civil war between serif and sanserif. Formasi is intended to be the result of the aftermath of such a war.

Isoglyphics was initially concepted as a rip on Otto Neurath and the resulting movement towards icons as visual language. However, the final design evolved into visual commentary and satire of contemporary culture through the resulting 94 icons.

The fonts may be purchased online at http://www.myfonts.com/foundry/michaelbrowers/.

Michael Browers is the Graphic Designer/Project Manager for Ikonics Corporation. Additionally, he offers freelance logo and type design. More information about his work can be found at

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30 Dec 2005 — 7:13am

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