Terry Biddle's Birthday!

Today is Terry’s birthday! Three Cheers to typophile’s most blue-faced avatar, and the type designer-illustrator-graphic designer-artist-etc. behind it!

‹ Type Evening in SF - Tonight - Monday @ 7:00pm desktop ›


hope you get a new “birthday suit” for a present.
From Terry Biddle’s illustrations.

happy bday, terry. hope you have a swell one there in san fran.

Thank you, all...though I’m not in San Fran any longer. I’m back in Cincinnati for awhile and then heading back to the NYC.

happy belated birthday Terry!

Happy B-day B-Man! and congrats on being selected for Illustration Mundo Site!!! That is a REAL Birthday Present! You Are The MAN!!!


Happy Birthday, Terry! Good luck in the coming year.

Happy Birthday, Terry!

HBD Terry! I’m sending you a gift under separate cover. It won’t take up any space in the mailbox. Enjoy, and congratulations on the appearance at Illustration Mundo!

Happy Birthday, Terry!

Chris, sorry I don’t quite get your joke. Didn’t watch the show. Everyone always makes WKRP jokes when I tell them where I’m from! Who else has ’em? :)

Maybe the show went off the air before you were born?
Sorry I could not think of any Cincy jokes of a more current nature—Cincy does not exactly make national news very often (which is why the Bengals player in the ice cube).


Hanging head in shame for being an amusement faillure :-

Happy Birthday, Terry!

You happen to share a birthday with my once and now again boss, David Lemon at Adobe. A fine date indeed. :)



Its all good Chris! I get to watch my team get beat by the Steelers again tomorrow. I’ll eat an eraser if they win.

once and now again boss
Hmmm, that sounds like an interesting story. :)

Happy belated birthday, Terry. Hope you had a good one. ;^)

Being a major Steelers fan, I hope you don’t have to dine on eraser :-)


Happy Birthday Terry. Best wishes for the new year.

Happy belated, Terry. I’ll spare you the limerick. =)

Terry, Happy Birthday! I hope you got what you wanted. :-)

Happy belated Birthday, Terry!

;) HB Terry. Let me know when you are back in NYC so we can celebrate!!!
Best wishes from Berlin!


Really belated, best wishes

There was a young man called Biddle,
who always aligned type on the middle,
when asked why,
he would just sigh,
but never answered the riddle.


Well, there’s my first limerick! Giovanni, beer’s on me when I get back to New York! Thanks to all!

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