FontLab, rounding corners

Are there any FontLab users out there that know how to round corners for all the glyphs in a font without changing the weight of the glyph? There is no simple transform that does this function.

21 Oct 2003 — 5:20am

I afraid that the only way to do that is to write some Python script.

In very early FontLab )2.5) we had "effect" that was able to do what you want but it worked only with corners of two straight lines completely ignoring corners of curves.

Thanks Yuri. (I was afraid you might say that!) ;-)

I wonder if anyone has written such a script? It seems like it would be a very useful function.

Petr van Blokland has written something like that for RogoFog.
If you manage to get it out of him please pass it along.


Hrant: Thanks, I'll send him an email.

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