I've been working on this font for a while now. Does it make any sense?

205.7 K

1 Nov 2003 — 6:18am

Something went wrong with the PDF here's a GIF:

I like it a lot. The R looks like it might have to rely on context to identify it.

Fascinating! I like this!


It's definitely a pretty neat looking face. I was scrolling and I read 'Fax' instead of 'Fox' and then when I looked at the alphabet it was still the case. The lc o just seems like an a to me. The uc O doesn't seem to do this.

I agree with John about the R. I read BOOS instead of ROOS even though I knew the name. I like the Q's internal tail. That's pretty cool. U feels like it's about to shut tight as does N.

Looking good though.


Thanks for the comments everyone. I changed everything a bit and i also renamed it. Here it is:

Looks to me that it would be best in large sizes. As it gets smaller, legibility diminishes. Plus, you have so much wonderful detail that would get grayed out at small sizes. Good luck!

I like it, congratulations!

I feel that "K" and "k" are confused, maybe they can be read as H or h.

R looks like B
and Z looks like a 2

well thats my opinion

The revised k is a great improvement, but the upper, hooked stroke may still be a little too dark.

I liked the first M better...

Wow. This is very pretty. Very cool. No idea what I'd ever do with it, but it immediately has an old world flavor with a new skool / post modern twist.

Good luck with the figures. =)

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