A nice Q

I'm looking for a typeface with a nice lowercase "q". Thoughts anyone?

14 Apr 2006 — 10:29pm

what do you mean by “nice”?

Some people like the "Q"s that Luc[as] de Groot makes. The original Caslon Italic has a killer "Q". I like "Q"s where the tail cuts in -and removes- part of the body, like the Italic one here: http://www.themicrofoundry.com/other/Emerson.gif

BTW, if you can get a hold of Rookledge's "Typefinder",
it has a section towards the end that shows hundreds of
different variants of each letter, indexed to the fonts.


Something tells me this is for a logo. Perhaps you might talk more about what the usage is and the nature of the client.

Hrant, note that the original request is for a lowercase q.

I designed a nice one last week, but I'm not allowed to show it to anyone yet. :)

Oh, sorry! I guess the thread title threw me off.

Adobe Reliq has a cool "q". So does Eidetic's italic:
http://www.emigre.com/dp/getfontpage.php?PEidIt.html _
And I think my Cristaal's "q" is kinda nice.


Here are some nice (?) lowercase q:

Th. Kunz

kofi by fontfarm.de has a nice lowercase q that looks like an uppercase


Gill Sans, surely?
This is nice:

where is this scan from!?
It's really a nice q!

It's an alternative in Griffo's 1503 italic. The shape of the bowl is closer to that of ordinary q than that of Q.

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