handwriting font that isn't totally ridiculous

I'm looking for a display font for a book about American folk art. I want something funky and handdrawn, but not novelty or wedding-invitation-y. Seems like the vast majority of script faces out there are just silly.

Storm's Rondka is really close, but too slanted for my purposes. I like that it's deliberate, not like dashed-off handwriting, and not too ornamental.

Any suggestions?

zach h.
18 May 2006 — 2:33pm

i really love mahogany script, but its not really what you're looking for i think?

Mark Simonson's Coquette

I have one called Montessori script which is a free font... if you like it please go ahead and use it up! But on the other hand you might consider it too silly? ;-)



Thanks all for the suggestions. Sadly none of them are quite right. Stanyan Autumn is way too casual, Coquette too stylized (though I've always loved it), Mahagony Script too journal-y. Stefan, Montessori is really nice and not at all silly, but also not quite what I need.

I'm really looking for something that looks like it was labored over, but labored over by an amateur. Something like a Brothers Quay title card. Something like the attached image, which is a portion of a piece in the book...

I’m really looking for something that looks like it was labored over, but labored over by an amateur.

then maybe you want something from www.dafont.com? >^P

Those are both awesome links. Thanks!

ETA: OK, actually Stephen's was awesome. Paul's hurt my tender eyes.

LTR Salmiak is pretty tasty...

lol. my recomendatioin was made tongue-in-cheek. my line of thinking: what better to look amature than fonts made by ametures? heh

my recomendatioin was made tongue-in-cheek.

I figured that out...but not soon enough!

Also try: Yanone Tagesschrift. Its free too.


fontplayer> I thought of that too... but I think he wants something rougher.


GaryW> Great one!!!


if this is just for the cover, or not too many different places, why dont you just draw it yourself and scan it?

Check out Fortunaschwein here:



Handlettering section maybe Heberling or Speedball?


Neither amateur in feel though

timd> great choices! Olduvai is lovely.


Olduvai was critiqued here a while back (Google cached search result).

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