Barry Silver, Master Magician

My friend is a Magician/Sideshow/Fire Performer and desperately needs an identity/logo type plus promotional materials. This is what I have for him so far, he saw a rough comp where I didn't have any of the typefaces, but I've since bought the fonts and done some iterations. I need your input, the forums were down exactly when I wanted to post this! We've not decided if he's going to use colors or just keep with the black and white/grey theme. I know these aren't EXACT sizes of biz cards yet, but I need to nail the details first. Thanks!

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dave bailey
24 Jul 2006 — 5:49pm
Logos / Corporate ID Design

I like it. Use of playing card motif is very eye catching and appropriate. The phone number spacing looks kinda tight. Also, its really hard to read the @ symbol--it was hard for me to catch on that what I was reading was an email address. Also, kerning on Master Magician could use some work (but maybe you're not there yet). Looks great in B&W, but adding color would look sweet too. Or reflective silver ink!

I like the silver backside. The white spade in the upper left balances better than the black spade next to the name, but having more black on the frontside of the card adds something. Maybe try right justifying the contact details to balance the spade in the upperleft?

What you have is really good--keep working at it!


I hung out with Barry tonight and he likes the direction as well, I need to add some more copy though. He wants to list some of the acts he does. Will update this again soon. Thanks for the positive remarks/comments, Eron.

You're welcome. I look forward to seeing the finished card

I'm not too sure about the combination of typefaces, or at least the proximity of the artsy crafty one with the tuscan one seems kind of Aleister Crowley and the other showbizzy, having glanced at the sideshow website I assume that you wanted to imply both, it's the closeness of the two that bothers me. The alignment (without the spade) doesn't work for me either, I can see that you have centred Silver on the address details but it seems kind of left heavy, maybe moving the Master Magician away would help or changing the order so that the name is near the vertical centre and the descriptor was more connected to the address, which needs to be kerned out. On a production issue if you do decide to go two colour (rather than a tint) your keylines might suffer from registration errors. Obviously you have a lot of work to do in drawing the ornate spade device but however you work it out I think you should look at using elements from it in the monogram in the corners the circles seem to simple to me.

The little BS monogram lacks coherence, especially with the M's stuck in wherever you could fit them. It sort of reads "Bm mS". You may want to simplify that as much as you can, down to the two letters or even just one.

I'll take a look at this again this week when I have some free time, there's no rushing deadline for the project so I only have time to work on it here and there.

I've added a new PDF. Thoughts?

After seeing the "torture acts" listed on the card, the whole design seems sort of tame. I think the design could have a little more bite to it. I know it sounds cliché, but maybe some tribal tattoo influence or something. Even hand-drawing the monogram may help.

  • Lex

Lex, the interesting thing is that Barry is a pretty 'normal' run of the mill guy. No tattoos or crazy costumes or piercings. This is kinda why I went with a more clean approach because going in the direction you mentioned would conflict with the fact that this 'normal' guy is doing all these crazy acts.

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