Takashimaya Department Store logotype

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This is the logotype from one of the large department stores here in Japan, Takashimaya (I am always seeing this one as it is my wife's favourite department store here! This one from a bag of rye bread).

I am curious to know whether it is a font or custom lettering?



Grant Dunlop
25 Jul 2006 — 12:28am
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I'm still sleeping obviously... :^P

This is a *great* logo.

I don't think you will find this as a font unless commissioned by head office.
Here is info from "Changes in logos and trademarks in Japan":

The trademark with the Chinese character TAKA in a circle, the identical character when seen from the front or behind.

version of circle-mark shown from 1886

The mark registered in 1904. In 1968, the prototype of the mark was established to avoid distorted shapes by branches.

Thanks Userone for that info.

It is a great logo and the type works really well, I just wish they would use it more. Their website and other print materials use a lot of other display fonts none of which are as characteristic as the logo.

Whenever I saw the logo and type it reminded me of Alex Scholing's 'Engine' & 'Roice' fonts for FontFont. Similar qualities but very different.

The typeface used looks a lot like a fat version of ITC Stymie Hairline, which had the same single-storey 'a' and serif on the 'y'. (I don't think this font is sold any more. I made this sample from an old Image Club font.)

  • Mike Yanega


ITC Stymie Hairline looks like a pretty good match.

Thanks very much.


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