"old time" type...

Working on a package design that needs some old type to it but I'm not to
familiar with any type that looks "vintage"...any suggestions?

29 Aug 2006 — 6:53pm

Fonts on Packaging. Have a look at Tazo and Fantastic World Foods. Not suggesting you copy them, but there are some alternative faces listed.

"Some packaging" is frustratingly vague. Can you give us more details? (BTW I'm moving this thread to Design).

There is always the ubiquitous Louise Fili and her packaging which does use typefaces that evoke a vintage quality.

Do you mean vintage as in "old and worn" or is it more of a "retro "typeface you are looking for?
If it’s retro — I may have an interesting suggestion for you.

"package design" of what?
"old type looking vintage” to whom?

yes, "vintage" suggests some particular time period, but you don't say whether it's 1950s, 1920s, or 1720s....

fire away with the retro, Goran
When I was saying vintage, I meant vintage as in something that may be remenicent of the 50's or 60's advertising.

Many Nick Curtis period display faces, including 1950s, for free download at


or browse free period fonts via


God bless Nick Curtis!

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