Indesign: Screen DPI-value --\> 100% zoom = 1:1-size?

Dear Typophiles,

I'm wondering whether it is possible to teach Indesign CS2 the actual DPI-value of my screen, so it displays an object that is 10cm wide as 10cm in 100% Zoom. At the Moment, I have to zoom to about 130% to get an 1:1 equivalent, which is not very handy...

I remember Xpress 4.0, where this was possible, so maybe Indesign can do it as well? Changing the DPI-value on system level (Windows) doesn't seem to change anyting.

Thanks for your help

Sebastian Nagel
21 Sep 2006 — 2:33am
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I don't understand if you need it for Mac but I've heard of an AppleScript that does that.

Screens are measured in PPI. Yes, I'm being at tad anal.

Anyhoo, seems that these easiest solution is to hold a ruler up to the screen, and then adjust the zoom until it's 1 to 1.

At that point, I don't know if InDesign can 'save' a zoom as a preference or not.

While I'd be interested in such a shortcut myself, obviously it would still only provide a rough idea of what you'll get when you spit the document out as a hardcopy. Even with a hi-res display and your text-rendering engine tuned right up, you're still looking at clumsy pixels on the screen, thus your display will never provide a decent representation of good crisp ink (or even half-assed toner for that matter).

This is a podcast I bookmarked about "making actual size actual size" and the "Zoomto140percent.js" script download link.

Thanks for the script, garyw. Adjusting, installing and giving a shortcut to it, it does the job pretty well. Though it's still not logical that I have to zoom to 131% to get a 100% view :)
So listen Adobe: CS3... feature-request... hear the users... you know...

aluminium: of course your're right. And this happens just to me, who is preaching everyone the meaning of dpi, ppi, lpi, pixel, resolution, etc.

jason: it's useful to judge proportions, compare to hardcopies, etc. Of course, for typographic details, it's quite useless.

"Though it’s still not logical that I have to zoom to 131% to get a 100% view :)"

There is no standard monitor PPI, as such, it's impossible for software to really know what it needs to size it at on-screen.

Rumour has it that OSX.5 will finally have resolution-independant screen rendering:

It's been a long time coming, so I'm hoping it happens.

"There is no standard monitor PPI, as such, it’s impossible for software to really know what it needs to size it at on-screen."

This is why I asked where I can enter my PPI-Value I calculated for my screen, because then, the software knows what it should do. It works in Xpress and Acrobat 7, and I was looking for the same thing in Indesign.

But it's okay anyway... It works, so logic is secondary.

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