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The third issue of Building Letters — Tsunami Edition is available on-line. Order now and support those in need.

The third issue of Building Letters is dedicated to Sri Lanka and Thailand, and it features interesting articles by Tom de Gay, Nick Shinn, Max Kisman, Fiona Ross and Donald Beekman. As usual, it contains a CD with 25 free fonts , this time donated by Pieter van Rosmalen, Seonil Yun, José Scaglione, David Březina, José Louis Coyotl Mixocatl, Stefan Hattenbach, Bram Pitoyo, Tomáš Brousil, Richard Kegler, Veronika Burian, Jürgen Weltin and Ludmila Lorenz. All fonts are OpenType and with one exception, they contain glyphs necessary for typesetting of all Latin-script European languages (complete Unicode set Latin Extended A), so you can set Maltese, Welsh, or Esperanto in them; some faces contain special features, alternate glyphs, decorative glyphs, alternative numerals, ligatures, or small caps.

Although the TV cameras are long gone from the places hit by the tsunami, aid is still needed. This is why all profit from the sales (after deduction of hard costs) will be donated to a respected charity Direct Relief International (, which will use the money to help those hit by the 2004 tsunami.

The magazine size is A5, it has 64 full colour pages, it is published in a limited run of 1000 numbered copies, and it is on sale now for 35 € (aprox. $43) at Also, the site will publish information on how much money was collected, and finally, it will publish a report from Direct Relief on the use of the donation.

filip blazek
9 Oct 2006 — 8:06am

Thank you Filip for bringing this effort to life and supporting those who suffered tragic loss.

My copy arrived with your beautiful hand script and Czech postage marks. Bravo!


I am ordering one too. I missed the info before!

Mine is on its way, I think!

Looks great. I got two. One to paw over and one to keep nice.

Got mine. Chris, I echo your remarks. Also, great Job Filip! Nice Article Nick! I have not investigated the fonts yet - but they look great!

Hi there:

What is the font you are using for the graphic above: ORDER NOW. And that E... isn't that from Latin Extended-B (code 190) of the font?



never mind: its botanika alt

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