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I am developing an identity for a company called One-1 (the request was to use either "ONE", "1" or a combination of both) at the moment I am at an early stage of development and would like to look at alternative fonts from the current one that I have chosen (just to see what works).

In terms of design this (attached gif) is the direction I am taking at the moment (although if looks very similar to another identity you are aware of please let me know)

The fonts used are "Reforma Grotesk Demi" for the ONE and "Reforma Grotesk Medium" for the 1 the use of medium to bring the kerning a little closer. The key for the font is not to thin and the number 1 requires the curve at the top (sorry don't know the technical name here) the curves just gives that little bit more recognition to the number then a straight variation.

Any thoughts on alternatives that I should try out - anything more modern would be good. One-1 is a fitness / personal training company.


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13 Oct 2006 — 3:21am

How about trying a really curvy one – FF Cocon for instance.

I thpought the number 1 was a bit hard to fin. I think it could be more obvious. How about shoving the 'E' behind the '1'?

Hi Alex,

Could try a curvy font but I think the roundness of the E would make the 1 even harder to "see" - I'm am not worried about the 1 being to obvious I like that you may have to work for it - don't really I follow "shoving the 1 behind the E" comment - what do you mean?

How about Gothic No. 13?

Hi p teknics,
I mean you could make the '1' overlap the 'E' – making the vert stem of the E narrower, and the moving the letter e bit to the left.

TYpeface: How about Klavika?

have you tried to write the name with lower case letters?

Thanks for the suggestions guys - may have a look at Klavika (nice) but try a different 1 to contrast and retain the top curve.

Alex I hadn't tried lowercase as it didn't have the uprights - that said if I look at your suggestion of "putting" the number 1 infront of the "e" it would give me a straight edge and possibly the illusion of the 1 - I'll give it a try as a variation, cheers.

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