Kinky Kowgirls


4 Sep 2002 — 3:20am

Pretty neat, Craig. I like the vaguely cyrillic undercurrents in some of the glyphs.

The T, for me, is definitely weak. With the X and Z I think you have to bite the bullet and use diagonal strokes.

I think you should add a heavy foot to the Y seeing as it's the only glyph without one.

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Question: I'm just now bringing these letters (cut and paste from photoshop) in to fontographer. Problem: Auto trace is turning some lines that should be straight in to curves... very annoying. Does anyone have any advice for how to correct this?

You can fool with the autotrace parameters, but I wouldn't use autotrace for such a geometric design anyway, because you're gonna waste a lot of time tweaking the different parts (like the stems) to have the exact same dimension. Do put the images in the background, but start tracing over them manually, and rely on copy-pasting the modular parts as much as possible.


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