Sake bottles and traditional calligraphic styles of Japan

Neat new article on PingMag about assorted calligraphic styles on sake bottles:

31 Jan 2007 — 7:37am
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very cool

The names are as beautiful and evocative as the label designs...

Shinkame - The Holy Tortoise
Kaganotsuki - The Moon over Kaga
Yukinone - The Sound of the Snow
Yamazaru - Mountain Monkeys
Echigo Tsurukame - Crane and Turtle of Echigo

Thanks for the link Ian. It urges me to finally get around to designing and maybe translating some of my attemps at haiku. I so want to get to Japan someday.

Amazing. Trips to my fave sushi place won't be the same -- and here I thought there was somewhere I could go and not look at fonts! ;-)

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