New Fountain Releases

February 6, 2007

Yes– new fonts from Fountain!

We're back. We have typefaces. Fine, fine typefaces. Lovely precious typefaces. We want to present them to you:

A happy, springy display face with an extra 30 dingbats.
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Borgstrand Stencil
An expansion of Borgstrand. Two cuts - one with rounded corners, similar in flavor to the original typeface. The second "cut-out" version is specifically tuned for stenciling in the real world - since it has been designed to be cut out.
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Both typefaces designed by Martin Fredrikson.

Eason evolved from Nicolas Jenson’s 1470 roman. Jenson has been revived and remixed so many times, conscious decisions were made to transform Eason into a new creation. The postmodern result is very far afield from Venetian Renaissance types, a hard-working choice for the most demanding projects. Designed by Randy Jones.
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See also how the whole typefaced evolved right here at Typophile:

When creating a traditional typeface, you will be inevitably influenced by earlier designs. Anziano shows some touches of Weiss (Emil Rudolf Weiss, 1926). Bu Stefan has tried to find his own path with Anziano and has made a typeface design that lives on its own.
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We've made small printable PDF's of each of the new releases.

Upcoming fonts with a few words

Gábor Kóthay goes Bauhaus – in all sorts, ways, avriations and forms.

Lucas Magnusson joins Fountain with a revival of famous danish astronomer Tycho Brahe's own fount.

Daniel & Sylvia makes the nicest (and weirdest) pattern/dingbat ever. OP-art springs to mind. I get all dizzy just looking at it.

based on an old airplane logo from the early 30's Göran Söderström not only joins Fountain, but also makes a fanatstic gridbased script. Lotta Bruhn joins in to draw the ornaments.

Take a fast peek in our Fresh/upcoming section.
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More Things

– We've changed location, and now have a wonderful large office. Images to come as soon as we've gotten organized,and a bit more tidy.

– Small printed specimen of the last few Fountain releases coming real soon.

– Large book/catalogue with many nice pages later this year. As soon as all fonts has been transformed to OpenType.

– Restructuring of website, due before the end of fall.

Tills vi hörs igen – simma lugnt!

Peter W. Bruhn, principal designer & owner

6 Feb 2007 — 9:14am

Nice work, Peter! Martin Fredrikson's work makes me smile, and I'm pleased that the U.S. edition of GQ magazine is no longer using Borgstrand so that I can slip it into a publication of my own sometime.

Looking good, Peter. It's been quite some time since we've chatted. I'm glad to see that you are still busting out some nice type.

Go Fountain! :)

Marcox wrote ...and I’m pleased that the U.S. edition of GQ magazine is no longer using Borgstrand so that I can slip it into a publication of my own sometime.
Thanks :-D
Oh, I din't know that. Any magazines lying around so I maybe could beg you to send us some photos?

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