(x) "the call of King and Country" blackletter text - various alternatives {Mike F}

Help needed to identify this font.


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27 Feb 2007 — 4:14pm
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That's hand done calligraphy.

Yes, very lovely. Consider FF Brokenscript.

The two closest typefaces I can think of would be Verona (Stephenson Blake, 1948 - but based upon a 1904 typeface) and Motto (Morris Fuller Benton, 1915).

Verona is the best, but the only digital version I'm aware of was made by Mike Allard back in 1992. His fonts are collected at TypOasis. Unfortunately, when he sent his fonts to TypOasis, he seems to have forgotten his version of Verona - which he called RomeoDN ("I think that’s all I've released... I haven’t been keeping good track!").

I'll send a copy of RomeoDN to Petra, who owns TypOasis. Hopefully, it will appear there before long.

There are two versions of Motto that I'm aware of. One is Paul Lloyd's Queen Empress. The other was digitized by Dan Solo and is available as Motto on the Dover 24 Calligraphic Display Fonts CD.

Lastly, there's Ray Larabie's Mikadan. This is sort of a hybrid of the two typefaces. The advantages are that Mikadan is technically better made than the rest and more readily available.

Thanks to all that helped me out with some great suggestions.
You get to see other typefaces that you were not aware of.

I ended up using Clairvaux with a very slight modification.


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