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Hello, fellas, im working on these logos for 2hsoftware, im quite satisfied with this but i wish i could get some feedback before sending it to my client, im uploading the old logo too, which is IMHO very, VERY cliche and kind of outdated.. Anyways, check it out and tell me whaddaya guys think.

Old Logo

New concepts

11 Mar 2007 — 6:50pm
Logos / Corporate ID Design

Well, looks like the client didn't like this at all, this is like my 6th attemp, and i have to tell ya guys that im blocked, there isnt any concept behind this, thats why im trying to just use a good typo-application.. oh well, I did a new variation, my client told me that the number 2 was kind of odd, so i changed it to look more like 2, and less flipped 5.. I dont know.

The client loves his old logo, he suggested me to try something with pixels, but i dont like that idea at all, i have tried a couple of times to do something with that concept but it just doesnt work for me, the ironic thing here is that i am a pixel artist, ha.

Ill appreciate any comments or suggestions to complete this because im kind of lost here.

The new is better than the latter, but both are inappropriate if the client really wants something with pixels.

Do you know some examples of logos with pixels, i cant really recall seeing one myself.. :/

Xerox comes to mind.

What kind of design brief did the client give you? What's important is not that they want pixels but why they want pixels.

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Why don't you check out some of the pixel-type foundries' sites. You might discover a typeafce that worls for you and your client.

It took me forever to find this, but it would have bugged me all day if I couldn't:


Notice that the logos say "pixels" without necessarily using a pixel font.

Oh, sorry for the late answer, i've been real busy with other projects.

So, first lemme tell ya' guys that there wasnt a brief, not even close to one, nor an explanation.. There was some kind of a chit-chat with the client and what i can remember the most was "we need something more professional, but we really like our old logo" after that i just throwed what I thought it would be better than the actual logo (anything can be better than that.. thing imho) anyways, I've talked with the client and he gave more specific (sort of)directions, his company does JAVA applications, so java's icon or similar stuff = good. I tried to convince him to avoid the pixel stuff, and he gave me an opportunity, so, with java's icons in mind I came up with this, i tried to recreate java's logo in a different way, same structure, but different shapes, i like it, but i would love to hear opinions&comments about this before sending it.

Despite the cliche gradient and 3D look, I kind of like the new logo - it's very commercial. The only problem is that it looks too much like a redesign of the Java logo. Would it be worth trying a version without the steam coming from the cup?

Sidenote: Do you know what the "2H" stands for?

2H its for client's initials, its a father-and-son kind of business, you know.

About the cliche stuff; I'm sorry but these guys want something like this, i just understood that, they want something cliche-looking, i mean, just look at their old logo :P

Hopefully this will be aproved soon, im waiting for client's input on this, ill keep you guys updated.

thanks for the comments and critiques so far, they are really, really appreciated.

Overall it's looking good. I don't think the thin highlights on 2HSOFTWARE are effective (they probably wont show up at smaller sizes either). I think flat dark grey or black text would work better. 2H and software need to be visually separated (perhaps a different weight or colour). Also, I'm not crazy about the all caps...maybe 2HSoftware instead?

Do they create software FOR JAVA developers? Or do they develop software for whoever, but just happens to be in java? If the latter, I don't see any reason to focus on JAVA. If the former, well, then, that makes sense.

Though, as sch2525 points out, the logo is really just a 3d-ified versino of the real JAVA logo...maybe a tad too similiar.

As for the latest version, while, yes, it's all cliche with it being shiney and reflective, I think you've pulled it off quite well. Very slick!

Yes, don't get me wrong - although it may be cliche, I still think it's very well done.

It looks like you're going to waste all this effort on these nice designs, and they will eventually force you to make a slightly polished version of their horrible old logo that they love so much. Skip to the end, give them their embarrassing little thing, and get on with the rest of your life. Some people just don't want our professional opinion.

How did you go Mike? Any more progress with the client?

yeah, also interested to see.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Wellington

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