(x) "Thank You For Your Purchase" basic grotesque in Adobe Order Confirmation - Vonness {Stephen}

This is probably the most basic ID, and I'm embarrassed to post it. But, what is it? I think it's too small for whatthefont.

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I think it's Akzidenz Grotesk.

  • Lex

I'd be surprised to hear Adobe is using AG these days. I believe their contract with Berthold ended many years ago.

This is probably just an oddly rendered Helvetica.

Perhaps this is the ghost of Macromedia? What typeface did they use? It's certainly more interesting than rubbish old Myriad.

Ahh, good point, Nigella. Font Bureau created a custom version of Venus for Macromedia called Vonnes. That link goes to an archive.org cache. Sadly, no images remain. But the exclusivity contract with Macromedia was supposed to expire in 2005. Write Font Bureau and ask.

Stephen, I believe you're right. I found a new 'Vonness' (with two Ss) at the Font Bureau under Newspaper fonts.


So, I believe that wraps this one up!

Yep. They just released it again.

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