MADType Releases Quantico

I'd like to announce the release of my latest type family, Quantico. Quantico is an angular typeface family that was inspired by old beer packaging and military lettering. It utilizes 30 degree angles and completely straight lines to form unique character shapes. Equally at home in text or display settings, Quantico includes 3 alternate characters as well as several ligatures.

Buy and preview it now at Youworkforthem and Myfonts

And don't forget to stay tuned to my latest efforts via and my recently implemented blog.

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19 Apr 2007 — 12:28pm

I like the feel of this.
Is it named after the Marine Corp base in Virginia?

Yeah, it is. I like the way that name sounds and it fit in with the theme and my naming scheme. I'm working on having at least one font for each letter of the alphabet. So far I'm missing: N, O, T, U, X, Y, and Z. ;-)

". I’m working on having at least one font for each letter of the alphabet."

why is that mate? will you retire after that Hang up your mouse?


I think the lc a makes this font. I imagine there are others glyphs worth highlighting too. Is there a PDF sample too so I can look for them?

Actually I found this:

Note: Does not work in Safari. Firefox is fine.

I agree with Eben -- the lc really makes this font (and I loved Quantico, when I lived in Virginia) fill a gap that's missing with other styles like this.

Is this the full character set or are there some missing from the pix you posted?

I've updated the first post with a PDF for you guys to peruse. It will be the same PDF that Myfonts uses for their "gallery" image.

The fonts have a full character set (pretty much everything here sans some of the mathematical characters: The Myfonts character set viewer does not currently support referenced characters in OT fonts, so you won't be able to see the accented characters there yet on their site. But they are there. Myfonts has informed me that it will be a couple of months before that is fixed.

P.S. I think the lowercase g makes the font also. Be sure to check it out in the PDF.

"why is that mate? will you retire after that Hang up your mouse?"

Hehe. No, just something fun I felt like building into my font library.

Beer and grunts.
I take it you're challenging blackletter for the "inherent violence" mantle :-)
But what is this straight-lines-only genre called?

I dunno Nick, I don't see beer as a violent thing, more of a pacifier. And overall, the font to me doesn't really project violence. It's more about the underlying simplicity and elegance of something that may be regarded as violent or rudimentary at a glance. :-)

I would call this genre Blocky Sans or Geometric.


It looks like isometric, but it's not a representation of a 3D object.

I propose Rectilinear, which means consisting of straight lines.

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