Typo-Illustration website

Hello All,

Just to say I've put up a web site to showcase personal
illustration and animation projects. The site also has a
'Found Type' photo section and links to my retail typefaces.


Any constructive feedback, positive or negative,
would be much appreciated.



Seb Lester
15 May 2007 — 11:00am

The majority of your fonts are really good but I think the illustrations you've made don't emphasize your caracters, on the contrary. Otherwise the site looks well.

congrats Seb!

Thanks for the input kuroneko and alepaul.

I'm mainly curious about peoples perception of the illustrations,
which is why I posted the link. I guess you either love or hate
this aesthetic. Much of it can certainly be seen as 'bad, cheesy'
but also I think 'good, kitsch'.

I'm trying to avoid vectors and 3D seems a good starting point,
although it carries a lot of baggage and it's not a particularly
'cool' style at the moment.

>the illustrations you’ve made don’t emphasize your caracters...

I guess what I'm trying to do, in some ways, is create images
that make lettering interesting and evocative to a wider audience,
rather than just designers. I love stark, simple, black and white
images but I also like the other extreme. Vivid, complex and colourful.

I understand your point of view and I really hope you will continue to experiment this way. My critic was only based on my personnal tastes which is based on my so called strict, minimalist swiss visual culture. So I'm not really impartial and the fact I don't appreciate something don't means it's bad. Plus, even if I'm not a fanatic of this style, it's evident that your illustrations are really well done and that you work quiet a lot on them. So, goodnight and good luck!

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