Roman Majiscule inspired

18 Jul 2007 — 8:39am

It works as a novelty type face.

Show us how you mean for it to be used. Type needs to have a job to do top be good and for you to be clear about your own priorities while you design it. I would rethink that C. It's just a cut O. The G too. The Has something weird & cool about it. It needs smoothing but that glyph is the main reason I would work on the others. It shows some promise. Look after it's lower left though. Somthing is wrong there. You W needs it's weights examined & corrected.

The S has the weight in the wrong place(s). It needs to be on the spine mostly.

THanks all for the help so far.
The "C" and "G" have been opened up a little.
"V" and "W" have been thickened, with an alternate double V "W"
I'm wasn't satisfied with the "E", so I connected the top and bottom. -still not sure though
"S" was thickened, "Z" has been made a bit narrower.

EBEN: which character "has something weird & cool" ?

My intendion was to create something with the varied weight of a serifed font, but without the sharp corners. My inspiration is based loosely on Optima and block serifs.

The first post is in shades of grey. I was attempting to make larger glyphs lighter, smaller glyphs darker, to even out each character's presence (not sure if I'm making myself clear, though). Anyway, I've given up on that until I get the font finished.

Sorry I haven't got a sample text. I am saving up for Typetool, until then I have to manually arrange each character in Freehand if I want to make words.

Oh, and I recentl realized that I miss-spelled "Majescule" -oops!


img][/img] [/url]

Sorry I see I was hasty. The 'H' is the one I meant. It seems like it's the most finished and has the spirit of the face locked up in it.

to even out each character’s presence

I know just what you mean. And it's starting to work.

Look at your O. The weight there isn't quite right. Your R, P, A and X suggest weight in the upper right & lower left.

Also look at How it sets problem words like LAWYERS.

Look after that K the bottom leg is weaker than it maybe should be.

Keep pounding on it. It's getting better.

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