(x) Potsdamer Platz old German subway lettering - (similar to) Tannenberg {Jan E}

what kind of fonts did the use for the old Berlin subwaysigns?

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Looks much like good ol’ Tannenberg.
But it isn’t exactly.

Hey! I admired that while I was in Berlin this May!

Similar to FF Brokenscript too.

...and similar to Cabazon as well.

> ...and similar to Cabazon as well.

Similar to any blackletter?

It is very close to Dieter Steffman’s Tannenberg Fett:


Eh, like I said - TANNENBERG.

Designed 1933-35 by Emil Meyer.

Eh, like I said - TANNENBERG.

Sorry, I could make heads or tails of the link you gave. The font on that page is not like the sample image. (on my screen, anyway)

This link is better.
Go to “Gotisch” and scroll down to Tannenberg.

Ah, It was much like it was on my screen, which is much thinner/lighter than the sample image. Dieter’s is very close to the weight of the sample.

> different s
You mean and old-style s (DFR, looks like f without crossbar) instead of the usual s, which is an end-s in old german?
There is an end-s in Tannenberg, which looks more like in the sample then Brokenscript.

> and I don’t completely agree with your saying/questioning:
> Similar to any blackletter?
That was sarcasm and a reply to that Cabazon-suggestion.

I still think Tannenberg is closer and it’s the original.
Brokenscript is a modern interpretation (designed 1990).

aha... Jan the second Tannenberg-link was much better!!

the a looks correct.

I wish I could see the complete set of letters or another image of it. . . but I could no find any on the site


I wish I could see the complete set of letters or another image of it

Tannenberg fett by D. Stempel AG, Frankfurt/Main, 1934 at Preußisches Bleisatz-Magazin.
Still, the end-s is missing in that sample (odd). However, you can get a picture of it from the ‘Mager’ weight sample.


I shall never again be questioning or doubt Jan!

strange with the missing s
and also the ligature tz looks a little different to the one on the subwayphoto

but Tannenberg it is!

Never - ever - doubt Jan. Simply don’t.


he he
: )

I think I will have to purchase the $40 DS-Tannenberg... I need it for an Art Exhibition...
and I did not like the free Dieter Steffman’s Fat Tannenberg Fett version.

Kay, are you aware of Blaktur by House Industries or Fakir by Underware?
Of course they’re not Tannenbergs but rather much more contemporary approaches to (fat, unembellished) blackletter.

Then, they come with technical advantages you might appreciate when using it for an art exhibition design, like extensive character maps, well-mapped alternatives and ligatures and all the other OpenType bells and whistles. Just an idea.

I don’t know what DS-Tannenberg has to offer, unfortunately there is not a lot of information provided. Concerning characters: if this chart applies to DS-Tannenberg, you’ll maybe miss ‘Å’, ‘@’?

... aware of Blaktur by House Industries ... much more contemporary approaches to (fat, unembellished) blackletter ...

Thought that too. But today I found ’Wiking’ (Heinz Koenig, 1925) which also has this kind of stems and some even trendier elements ...  :)

hey Florian Hardwig
I wrote to www.fraktur.com asking about letters such as å and @ etc.
and they sent me this image

so now I will go and purchase Tannenberg from their site!!!


Kay, that’s nice! Great to hear those fonts are well equipped. Unbelievable Å …
Hej då!

> so now I will go and purchase Tannenberg from their site!!!

Have fun with it. There’s nothing more teutonic than Tannenberg.
(BTW. The typeface is named after a victorious battle in WW1 that made Hindenburg a star.)

The @ and are a little disappointing.

yeah.. I agree... but I amn’t going to be using those anyway!

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