Can anyone think of a respectable rounded sans serif face?

I want to use a bold sans serif. I've been working with Franklin Gothic in heavy and book, because it has a really friendly personality. I just want something with radius corners instead of sharp corners. I've been searching pretty carefully but everything is either too stylized or retro or playful. I'm just looking for something simple and sophisticated that looks wholesome and good-natured.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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1 Nov 2007 — 10:59am
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Hard to go wrong with VAG Rounded based on your description of what you're looking for.

The fantabulous Omnes. You could also check out Corbel (part of the new MS Office package) and Enclave, which is a rounded slab serif. And this is getting further away from your request, but several of Sumner Stone's designs, Silica, Magma, and Stone Humanist Sans, could fit the bill of being warm and bold but sophisticated.

Thanks for the suggestions.
And I'm seeing some faces I haven't seen before.

I've included an uppercase "H" that I customized quickly from Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed. Instead of being rounded ALL THE WAY AROUND like VAG or Gotham, it just has rounded corners. Has anyone seen something like this?

Thanks again.

Bold sans serif typefaces with soft corners:

Text families
FF Info Text, FF Info Display
Notes Soft
BeoSans Soft
Neo Sans
Neo Tech

Display faces or single weights
FF City Street Type (East)

From experience, I can second the mention of's at

Whoops - read before you post, John. Omnes has been mentioned.

You could also check out Corbel (part of the new MS Office package)...

You're thinking of Calibri, which is the rounded sans in the MS CT font collection. Corbel is not rounded.

You're right, John. That's what posting with little sleep will get you.

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