Crit my logo?\_Arc Light Homeless shelter

Pitching this little sucker to a homeless shelter manager next week.

The building is new and very modern. Opening in March and causing a lot of controversy in the city. The person briefing us is very open to a different outlook on shelter branding. The shelter is more of a schooling/get back on your feet/change your life centre. I've stayed well away from the roofs/doorways/hearts used in pretty much all other shelter branding. The logo is aimed more at council members, business' and press than the actual homeless.

The building is split into 5 coloured sections which have been used in the kada font. The idea behind the actual logo is the spark and energy of inspiration and change that the people can make for themselves. Also changing the fabric of our lives could be used (Afterthought?!). The 'LIGHT" in variable worked better un-aligned due to the round edge of kada.

This is the first time I have posted any work on here so all comments/abuse would be great...

7 Jan 2008 — 5:09am
Logos / Corporate ID Design

OMG TOO MUCH COLOR AND DETAIL THAT WILL NEVER WORK IN BLACK AND WHITE AND SMALL SIZES AND...oh...wait...hey, it looks pretty good small and black and white! Nice.

At first it seems a bit too trendy, but after considering it, it's fresh and I'd say unique...especially given the context of both the entity that will be using it an the architecture.

When you're given the benefit of having great architecture, that, itself, really becomes the predominant brand element, so I think your approach makes perfect sense...embrace the architecture.

I like the type and that it's a mask. Perhaps this colored lines are the primary imagery, but the logo seems well suited for some flexibility by being able to swap out different images to mask as the need arises.

The type is solid might get away with not having to use the lined background in the small sizes.

Thanks for the comments aluminum.

The building is very modern and the guy we're pitching to used to be in the music industry and is therefore deemed pretty 'out there' so hopefully he will be open to this. I produced the lines using a spirograph effect and think I could get some really nice funky crops for certain parts of the building interior.

Thanks again!!

I'm going to agree on the general direction. Post up some other placement options and see about the letter spacing on LIGHT.

I'd be interested in seeing it with less lines.

I like the placement of "LIGHT" very much.
Check out the lines in the pattern, especially visible in the white on black version, see how the "A" get a lot more lines on the right compared to the amount of lines to the left in the "C". Maybe move the pattern a bit to the right? I'm shure you allready tried that ...
Unusual logo in a very positive way, nice work!

I like it.

The colours seem to be arbitrarily applied to the various lines inside the logo. This is fine if you're going for a noisy random look, but I'd try one with a little more order to the colours to see what it looks like.

Good job :-)

  • Lex

Looks like something for a modern art museum. The crazy wavy lines don't really give an impression of "change your life"; more "everything's a bit nuts and random". But I still kinda like it, just not for the use you need it for!

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