Extended Sans Serif Small Caps and Bodoni-ish italic?

Under the gun... Need some help identifying these two typefaces. Thanks!

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The sans looks like Univers.

There are actually three typefaces; “for” is in a different face. Maybe it’s just a different weight though; I can’t tell.

Univers extended.... Yes, I think you’re right. Thanks. The serif? Something Bodoni related, right?

And you’re right... It appears certain that the ’for’ is something else.

I think the bottom line is Bodoni Bold Italic

Thank you for confirming my suspicion about the Bodoni. Thanks a lot Typophile Type ID board!!!

That ’for’ is close to Minion. But that ain’t it. I’m assuming it’s System font related like Arial. But that’s just an assumption.

The “for” is Berkeley Old Style italic.

It’s not Bodoni; the lowercase T is wrong.

Thomas, it’s definitely a Bodoni, but perhaps not the specific cut you’re familiar with.

URW’s Bodoni Antiqua is a likely suspect:


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