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Hello i am in my final yea of University.. and studying graphic design...
i hope to continue with this city map series when i finish......i hope i can post this here...

here are some of the images...of maps i have done so far..

New york (my first linocut)

London (commisioned by ISTD for my city my London)

Amsterdam (for a college project in which i could do what i wanted, so i really wanted to carry on with the series so had just been to amsterdam and loved the look of the map.. so carved it)

yea i have more pictures but you can scroll through the sets for them!...

im going to be doing Paris this summer.

kk cheers!.

24 Feb 2008 — 5:35pm
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This is excellent work. I'm quite quite sure you're familiar, and I mean no disrespect by repeating something you may have heard before, but you'd probably like the artwork for Radiohead's Hail to the Thief...

Good luck with Paris. I'm looking forward to seeing it!

That is amazing work. I love it. Will you be printing them, and show the printed versions as well? :)

Ohh i dont think i have linked to the images on here before. i Checked out my forum post history on the tracker and it said that i posted a link to an ebay Auction in about 2006 when i was selling a print on there (learnt ebay isnt the best place to sell artwork) but i had not done either London or Amsterdam by then i dont think. but if i have mentioned it somewhere before! AHH.. this is just an update then!>

cheers... well there are prints on my Flickr site! CHEERS!

TYPOGRAPHY !!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Webber ISTD

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