Frutiger small caps

Where do i find Frutiger small caps?

i don't think even frutiger next has them.

perhaps myriad pro's the next best??

If it's for text, I think you're out of luck. If it's for a logo or title or such (one instance), you could use the variety of weights to build your own.

Whats the difference between Frutiger and Frutiger Next?

Sadly -- inexplicably -- Myriad Pro is lacking small caps as well.


Frutiger Next is Linotype's revision of the original digital Frutiger. They've been re-working some of the classics like Syntax, Sabon, and Optima. One big difference is that Frutiger Next has a real italic and not just a sloped roman.

I thought Myriad Pro had small caps, too.


We had thought about doing them, but the schedule didn't permit it. In fact, I remember Christopher Slye and I talking about putting in a bunch of extra hours and making them in our spare time.



Thomas, if you decide to participate in an extracurricular Frutiger project, please consider italics for the Condensed version. ;-)

we published an article about Adrian Frutiger and his Frutiger :-) in Typo #2; you can download PDF from


The best Frutiger I know is still Frutiger. The Next version is really bad. Not the case of forthcoming Avenir Next, who is really better than Avenir.

Why? Just because between the twos, the Linotype Type director is not the same guy. The second one know is jobe and have certain talent.

Myriad is a good alternative, but sometime "too soft" for certain kind of use.

Myriad Pro, alas, has no caps. Giacomo still doesn't, as far as I know, either. Although different in style, The Sans from Luc(as) de Groot might be an alternative here.

you could fake myriad small caps by generating an appropriate weight from the MM version..

Today, sound more easy to use Blend fonts in FontLab than use a MM.

Anyway, true Small caps are not simply a Blending thing. Ok, more for Serifs faces than Sans where the difference is less considerable between a blend fake SC and true ones.

Smallcaps are like special glasses for different types of wine. Mostly only wine freaks will care.

There are so few instances of actual smallcaps use "on the street" (even when the font chosen has them right under their noses!) that certainly using a darker (but also wider and looser) instance from an MM source is 95% adequate.


I still can't believe that Adrian has yet to draw a condensed italic after all these years. I would have thought his namesake type face would have the full gamut of variations like his Univers.


As a side note, I've used the semibold weight in Myriad Pro as small caps for the regular weight, a touch narrow, but very close in weight at the default 70% reduction in InDesign. It matched up nicely with figures set in proportional old style. Not a great solution for a lot of text, but adequate for corporate identify projects.

I have used Myriad's condensed italic when I needed it with Frutiger. Some how, to me at least, Myriad doesn't come up to the quality of Frutiger though; it might be a limitation of the early multiple master fonts or it just might be my astigmatism :-)

"I remember Christopher Slye and I talking about putting in a bunch of extra hours and making them in our spare time."

it would have been much appreciated. OSF with no small caps is an odd paring to my eyes. maybe in a Gold Edition, omnipresent fonts re-release... ;)

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