Fun with Museo

What is this for?

An illustration for a publication project about H&FJ and some of their former students. I can’t really afford to license too many expensive fonts right now, so I’m going with fonts by Jos to have a look that will be distinct from the work of the New England type design crowd.

You’re taking the Dutch approach ;-)


You’re taking the Dutch approach ;-)

Now that’s a compliment!

Here’s an Illustrator PDF with layers intact.

I like it James. It’s nice to see that the little shurikens are pieces of text after all. Looks like an awfull lot of work btw.

These things come out faster than one might expect. It’s all math, and because 360 is divisible by a great many other numbers it stays relatively simple. Of course, I have a head for systematic stuff and I know guys who would go insane even trying to work this out.

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