Global investment company - logo

heres a logo for a client through my school. after about a dozen attempts this is the one she wants to go for. thought id get some C+C from yall


mad grab
21 Apr 2004 — 5:57pm
Logos / Corporate ID Design

It's too cute for investment wonks. What's with >ideas with vision< floating as if an afterthought? What global investment company? Branding is absent IMO.

The words "ideas with vision" mean absolutely nothing. Global Investment is rather vague, is it investing globally for clients or is it investing in global markets like a countries economy. I don't get the orange, its pretty but not conserative, I also don't get the shape of the orange mark, is it a person? Just some thoughts, nothing mean meant.

thnx for the feedback. The client I am working for is through the sba, small business association, of Oakland. The owner of Global Investments co. already registered her ficticious name of business as the one stated above. I can agree its a very generic name and global is not even about of her mission statement. but I cant get her to change the name. its what she wants. :-)

MY school has a program with sba to help small companies getting online. Her orginal logal was some clip art. The logo wasnt really thought out well because she doesnt have a big idea. If you know what i mean. Anyways, she wanted something that was friendly. The cirlces are just some thing I was playing around with and came up with a person. I guess its hard to tell I, and I should rethink the logo but I fear we dont have time. Do to our scope of the project. I feel though that these small business's do need some identity and branding strategy's. I suggested to my teacher that the graphic department should help these company's with their identities because since we are an html class we dont have time to develop it..

Anways, I sad to hear its hard to read. and ideas with visions is her tagline, but it doesnt make sense either.

Gregory, try to win some small battles, make the orange a metalic orange, and change the black to gray, it will look more upscale. Make sure the first thing a consumer sees on the website is a mission statement.

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