ciao FB Moderno!

I see the modern has become the look of Typophile for the time being adding a zesty Italian flavor. Time for espresso and a conolli to celebrate :-)


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Whoops! I didn’t see Florian’s prior post on this and I even looked! Sorry guys.


Chris: The Type Announcer

BTW, how’s your voice?



“BTW, how’s your voice?”

David, I haven’t been able to do any singing since last Fall due to a combination of health issues but hope to start back soon. With this much layoff, I am sure I will need work on my high notes. I think the low notes are still there, though, so I will soon be back to Don Giovanni and reprise my Leporello role.


Ha! I’ll bet you make a perfetto Leporello, Chris.

canollis? i prefer giant ho hos from Russ’ bakery. (take note of that one if you’re going to TypeCon in Buffalo)

Thanks, Kent! I also do a mean Don Pasquale and all the buffo basso roles :-)



I’ll be there, Paul but I might pass on the Ho Ho’s :-) What else does Russ bake, Apricot turnovers?



I’ve gotten very jaded with type and mostly only using Verdana for everything, with Georgia added for some occasional spice. But that really turns me on again. I had the opposite reaction to seeing Moderno on Typophile as I had on April 1st. (Not only are you guys not crazy, you’re pretty sharp.)

Thanks ChrisL. And what music would you set that to?

Mozart already set it to music in act I scene 1 of his opera, “Don Giovanni”.


Very nice, this Moderno…


I like the typeface. But I didn’t know you sang, Chris!

Kent, do you sing much? I know your brother Mark does opera... I even saw him in HMS Pinafore (not quite opera, but the closest he’s done locally since I’ve known him).



Thomas — No, no. Just around the office. You know. I leave the professional singing and opera to Mark. Although, I don’t think he’s gotten plugged into much around there yet. He did a fair bit when he was down in the Bay Area.

I am not a professional singer. I do it as a hobby. My wife is a fantastic pianist and works with several opera singers. For my 59th birthday, she gave me voice lessons with a family friend and I have been hooked ever since! Since I was working on the role of Leporello a few years ago, I named my first typeface after the character as well as the vanity plate on my car :-)


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