(x) 1939 Chevrolet ad - hand lettered {Mark S}

I'm trying to figure out what typeface is used in the headline (big red print) of this ad. I've tried whatthefont and identifont with no luck. Any ideas? TIA!

1939 chevrolet ad

This is not a font, it's lettering.

Notice how some of the characters (c, a, h, etc.) vary. Notice also how tight the spacing is, how some of the characters are tucked under others. This is from the days when metal type ruled. Hand lettering was a popular way to overcome its limitations and get unique headline treatments.

The basic style is modeled on Caslon, but I don't think you will find any good matches among available fonts.

Font Bureau makes a really condensed Caslon, but it only bears a passing resemblance to this sample.


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