Mate | Another serif font, of course!

Dear colleagues,

Some uppercases and corrected lowercases.
Critics are welcome.

Eduardo Tunni

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30 May 2008 — 11:39am

The b and p with the slight open space in the bowl is the most interesting part, It makes it work really well at small sizes. If you plan on turning this into a full family, you might want to make a Display weight with closed bowls for these characters. The top of the q's stem seems a bit too thin, there might be a better way to resolve this than having a stem extending up. Although I think the z on its own is pretty cool, it might be a bit too unique for this typeface. Overall, it has a really nice texture, even though the kerning isn't quite there (which means this typeface has even more potential!)

Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni

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