PS Bluegum or Burton's Nightmare...

Hello all!

I am new to the forums, although I have been reading posts for awhile now. I was helping a friend with a design project and some of their imagery reminded me of the font used on the Smashing Pumpkins album "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness." I've seen this font listed as PS Bluegum Forest as well as Burton's Nightmare. I remember loving the font at the time, and then slowly getting sick of it as I saw it used and overused.

However, looking at it again, I still feel like it is an interesting design and was curious to know more about it. Does anyone know about the origins/background of this font?



15 Aug 2008 — 8:34pm
Typography / Composition

It seems the 'source' of inspiration for both 'fonts' would have been ' P22 Victorian Swash'.

P22 type foundry presents a font set created in conjunction with the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's exhibition of Victorian-era French artist James Tissot. The fonts developed for the P22 Victorian set are based on historic typefaces dating from the late 19th century. Victorian Gothic was based on a type style called 'Atlanta', a simple, expanded width, quirky, yet elegant face similar to 'Copperplate'. Victorian Swash was inspired by the willowy, delicate face 'Columbian', which has also been known in recent years as 'Glorietta'. The P22 version includes 'snap-on' flourishes based on the original 'Columbian' ornamental embellishment designs. Victorian Ornaments, features over 150 decorative embellishments.


Interesting! Thanks for the information!

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