Dominico: Low Contrast Condense Interpretation

Hello All,

First time posting a design on Typophile. The following design is based on photographs taken while visiting the dominican republic (see photo below for source):

Let me know what you think!

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18 Aug 2008 — 6:53pm

It is a very nice idea to be inspired by an inscription, such as the one you found) to design a typeface. Even if you have photographed a few letters (E, L, A, O, T and R) from the inscription you could still make various interesting alternate letterform designs.

You gave the title ‘Dominico: Low Contrast Condensed Interpretation’, as I understand it you wanted to give to the stroke weights a lower contrast (16/12) instead of the contrast displayed in the inscription, which is (21/12) and which accentuates the letterforms even more nicely.

The serifs in the inscription are not the same from letter to letter (compare the letters E and L and look at the attached JPG). The semi serifs in the letter A should be kept and it would be better than making them full serifs, - and this could also be done to letters such as V and W. The middle triangular shape in the letter E is quite innovative and should also be kept.

The serifs could be rendered in many ways, from very simple to more novel. There are many interesting and aesthetically appealing ways to introduce all sorts of serifs.

One doesn’t have to do a full ‘HAHBHC...’ test, writing ‘THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG’ is enough.

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